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Partial Knitting

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Partial Knitting

Post  Teabag on Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:49 am

How to avoid holes when partial knitting.

1 On opposite side of carriage, put required number of sts into holding position. Knit across, then bring yarn under the inside needle in holding position, so that the yarn will go over the shank of the needle when you knit the next row.
2 On same side of carriage, bring 1 needle into holding position before knitting the row. This means that the yarn will self-wrap over the shank of the needle. It is a nice quick method of partial knitting, and is ideal for bootees, socks and household items, e.g. place mats, pot holders, etc.
3 Another self-wrap method using any number of sts. If your pattern says to hold 7 sts, hold 6 sts, knit across row, put 7 th needle to holding position and knit back to the other side again. The 7th needle will be wrapped. This is ideal for shoulder shapings.
4 Purl side knitting - First remove stitch from needle, wrap the yarn then replace the stitch. This will put the strand behind the knitting as it appears on the machine and give a smoother purl side.

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