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Here is the thread from the Trademe Message Boards PART 5

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Here is the thread from the Trademe Message Boards PART 5

Post  Teabag on Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:14 am

201.Hi brish I too have been hand knitting, but did have a play on the knitting machine today, trying out a few new ideas. I too have a new grandchild on the way, although not expected until Dec. Have you been doing lots for your "new arrival"? I've been told not to do too much as they've still got so much stuff left from the last baby, but you can't let the new arrival have NO new outfits, can you?

202.silly question i'm sitting here wishing i had the know how to use a knitting machine. can you do fisherman's rib patterns and stuff like that on a knitting machine? my poor neighbour is dying from cancer and feels the cold. he doesn't own a true wool jersey. and i can't knit a adult jersey fast enough for him.

203.hello furrball Yes, fisherman rib can be knitted on a knitting machine. Try somebody in a machine knitting club in your area, there may well be somebody who could help you out.Good luck,

204.Knitwit 7b I see someone is looking for me . How can I help

205.Sara (ent 1 ) with Brother machine I can help you if you are still having problems - barand@ the clear place dot net dot nz I didnt know this was going or I could have been along sooner.

206.furrball, If you need any help with your knitting machine give me a bell I would be more than happy to see if i can help you, I might have some spare wool to knot your neighbours jumper with. timbomumbo at hotmail dot com.

207.hey it might take a well to knot a jumper!!! might be better to knit it!

208.i don't own one i'm trying to make up my mind if its worth buying one. i don't want to waste money. i don't do many adult stuff. i rather do small stuff as its easier to take with me when i go out.

209.Cast on's for the machine I have had a knitting machine since 1955 and over the years I have collected several different cast ons from books and other knitters. I can look these out and post one or more if they would be a benefit to you.

210.sponge bars Hi all. Lister Yarns have standard sponge bars for the singer and he adapts the singer bars for the brother bulky knitting machines. Knit World have the sponge bars for teh standard guage brother knitting machines. I'm in christchurch and may be able to help anyone to machine knit.

211.furrball, Sorry i forgot you don't have a machine. Well I finally got around to looking at the one i got off here some months back and I feel like crying. It is disgustingly dirty and broken in parts and I paid $300 plus $80 delivery. Too late to contact the person who sold me it and complain!! grrr think i will take it all to pieces and try and sell for spare parts. Any one want any spare needles?

212. Nogin Is it a 910 ? and beyond cleaning and repair. How is the pressure bar? A long catheter brush and your cleaner are your first aids to see if it is restorable. I have sold parts from damaged machines only if they are past fixing. A good clean and oil may be all it needs.

Before you start wrecking have a look at 205 and I may be able to help you further. would rather see you as a happy knitter.

214.so far pulled all the needles out!! cleaned them up and if i can sell them and the ribber ones too, could nearly make my money back!!! Yep it is badly damaged some plonker forced the lid to close! Lace carriage and main carriage broken.

215.nogin thats heartbreaking. i'm very gun shy about buying one as i don't know the in's and outs. dad was the one who used the knitting machine. made many toys and stuff for school gala's.

216.nogin Someone is looking for a 910 machine lead on another thread .(No 94 at the moment). Main bed needles are in demand I sold some @ $5.00 for 12 in good order..The ribber carriage will be good as a complete unit. Hope you do well with spares.

217.all good on my machine have done a kids jersery a few mistakes but i have to remember to write things down am on to my second one and all good band and all have managed the ribber well so will be over to see you teabag and see if i can show you what i have done happy knitting to all

218.Nogin What a disaster! You must be so disappointed (and angry, no doubt). Do hope that you manage to salvage something out of all of this. Barb119 - glad to see that you're up and running - keep up the good work.

219.all good so far I am getting on with this machine after a rocky start with things missing i thought I had made a big mistake in getting one of tm but thanks to brish she got me the missing parts and now i am all go so dont dispair it does happen to work out happy knitting

220.bumping this back into play crikey nobody been posting for days and days!!!

221.Ooooh...a knitting machine thread! I have a Singer 360K incl ribber, stand, several additional carriages for it...far too many punch cards...and lots of extra little bits & pieces for it. It's currently gathering dust in my garage because I haven't had it out since we moved to Oz. But I love that I can whip up an entire jersey in less than a day. They're fantastic things Smile

222.I have a knitting machine now and have checked out a yarn site has anyone used thier yarn and is thier any sort of yarn that is better to knit with for babies blankets, oh sorry the site is www.deayarns.com.au

223.oops, mum has just told me that you are not supposed to put web addresses on notice board, sorry did not know this. Also is thier a way to cast on so you don't have an open end if you don't rib first.

224.Hi ringtail Welcome to the world of machine knitting! What brand of machine do you have? and do you have a manual for it? The way to cast on when you don't want to do ribbing is called the e-wrap method - a little hard to explain, that's why I asked if you had a manual because that will show you how to do it. If you don't have a manual let me know and I will endeavour to explain to you how it goes.

225.Knitting machine clubs in Christchurch Just bumping this up. Foe Shane - there are several clubs in Christchurch please look at 205 on here and I will give the contacts for them. Have been in hospital but am back on the machine again.

226.nothing to serious knitwit. i've put the thoughts of buying a machine on the back burner right now. i need to focus on other things first. but i did knit another organic hat for a cancer patient.

227.Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a New Zealand forum for machine knitters and those who want to learn how to use a knitting machine. I need some help with categories please...any suggestions would be fantastic??? I have put the address on the beaniesforbabies website!!!

228.Teabag - you are an absolute legend!! Haven't you got enough to do without adding more? I feel tired just thinking about things these days - I'm afraid my get-up-and-go, got up and went. Will put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with re categories, etc.

229.New Zealand Machine Knitting groups Hi Teabag What did you have in mind for your forum? There are New Zealand Machine Knitting Society Area groups throughout New Zealand and they also have a website giving contacts for their meetings and workshops. I am a member of the Canterbury area committee and can pass on other NZ area contact names.

230.thats a good idea knitwit7b i will add that information...thats a start. Thanks

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