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Formula for Round Yokes

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Formula for Round Yokes

Post  Teabag on Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:06 am


Try this formula as a sample then use it to suit yourself. Ideal to use with a fairisle pattern, any card can be used, but experiment to find the best kind. Start with a card which has about 40 rows to the pattern

Cast on 100 sts and K 10 rows in normal st.st tension. Starting from the centre, transfer every 16 th st onto next needle. Put 16 th needle into N.W.P (non working position). Decrease tension 1 dot and knit *6 rows.
Put every other 8 th needle into N.W.P dec. tension 1 dot, Knit *6 rows
Put every alternate 8 th needle into N.W.P, dec tension 1 dot, Knit *6 rows
Put every other 4 th needle into N.W.P dec tension 2 dots, Knit *6 rows
Put every alternate 4 th needle into N.W.P dec tension 2 dots, Knit *6 rows
Put every other 2 nd needle into N.W.P dec tension 2 dots, Knit *6 rows
Put every alternate 2 nd needle into N.W.P dec tension 2 dots, Knit 2 rows
There are now sts on every alternate needle. Using a latch tool latch up the loops in a few places if they are too long. Knit 10 rows on waste wool. Take off machine and replace onto every needle, knit a few rows in st.st then change to rib. Rib required length for neckband.

How to apply above formula for round yoke jersey

Adults jersey in 4 ply, adjust length at * for childs garment
Knit sleeves first to *30 rows above armhole in raglan, run off onto waste yarn
Knit back to *30 rows above armhole, doing short row knitting to form a slight dip in the middle, leave knitting on the machine.
Add sleeves each side, picking up sts to the centre of sleeves only, leave waste yarn on. (Add 1 st extra each end by including heel of last st)
Knit 2 rows over all needles and select 1 st row for fairisle. When back is complete, work front to match.

Would convert to decreasing for top of beanies very well if you start at every 8 th needle and reduce the number of rows in between. (marked with *) Lines do show if you use acrylic yarn but they are not unsightly. If knitting with wool, lines seem to disappear after washing.

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